About KawAZ Help File

This notice only valid for the case of up-date from older version than 1.19W to latest version.

KawAZ got help file from version 1.21W.  Then Help file can be referenced in Windows standard Help file format.  This gives the smaller file size for KawAZ archive distribution as well as on-line help function.

If you up-date KawAZ for older version than version 1.19W, the following process gives you more disk space.

KawAZ install the files under c:\Program Files\KawAZ\ folder.  The following files and folder under c:\Program Files\KawAZ\ folder is no longer required from version 1.21W. 

    ' ReadmeEng.html '

    ' Readme.Files' folder and its contents

But please be advised that KawAZ.ini under c:\Program Files\KawAZ\ folder should not be deleted.  If you delete KawAZ.ini file, all the personal setting will be dismissed and you need to start all the setting from scratch. i.e home location, memory setting, compass setting should be done again.

Then it is highly recommended to un-install KawAZ from Start Menu and install the latest version of KawAZ.  This un-installation work will keep KawAZ.ini in your folder.

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